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Master of Science in Microelectronics-Photonics (MS)

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Omar Manasreh

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Jingxian Wu

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Jiali Li

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Rick Wise


Pure sciences, Applied sciences, Infrared, Lead selenide, Nanocrystals, Photodetector, Uncooled


Colloidal lead selenide and lead selenide / lead sulfide core/shell nanocrystals were grown using a wet chemical synthesis procedure. Absorbance and photoluminescence measurements were made to verify the quality of the produced nanocrystals. Absorbance spectra were measured at room temperature, while photoluminescence spectra were measured at 77 K. Organic ligands were exchanged for shorter ligands in order to increase the conductivity of the nanocrystals. Absorption and PL spectra for both core and core/shell nanocrystals were compared. Interdigital photodetector devices with varying channel widths were fabricated by depositing gold onto a glass substrate. Lead selenide nanocrystals were deposited onto these metallic structures using drop casting. Current-voltage characterization was performed on these devices and showed approximately one order of magnitude enhancement in the photocurrent. The detectivity and responsivity were extracted from the current-voltage characterization.