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Master of Fine Arts in Theatre (MFA)

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Michael J. Riha

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Jenny Mcknight

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Shawn Irish


Communication and the arts, Scenic design, Scenography, The metal children


A scenic design for the play “The Metal Children” by Adam Rapp was created and performed by the steps of the design process used in the design program at the University of Arkansas Department of Theatre. The Metal Children presents itself as a multi-unit set. With a script that introduces five different locations, one begins to question how we move forward with every different scene fluidly and in a quick scene shift time. When beginning the design process, I had to look at the show as if it were a musical with multiple scenic pieces that would fly in and out in a choreographed fashion to match the pacing of the actors around it. Because one of the main motifs of the show involved Young Adult Literature, I decided to handle scene shifts and overall scenic looks as if the show was progressing forward like one would turn the pages in a book. Overall the production was successful and operated very smoothly, because of the design and tech team involved could take my vision and recreate it on stage.