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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)

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Industrial Engineering


Edward Pohl

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Richard Cassady

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Kelly Sullivan


Accelerated Test, Reliability Growth, Reliability Test


Accelerated reliability growth testing has recently received a renewed interest in reliability engineering. The concepts of accelerated testing and reliability growth individually have been used in a variety of applications, either for hardware systems or software systems. The advantage of using a combined strategy is that it could shorten the testing time while maximizing the reliability. In the literature, there are many references related to optimal test design for reliability from either a component level or a system level. In this research, we suggest an approach which conducts accelerated testing at the component level while supporting estimates of reliability at the system level. Our approach helps one decide where and at what level to conduct accelerated test during the system design and testing process. Our approach is designed to reduce testing cost while still demonstrating that system level requirements are met. We do this testing at lower levels in an accelerated environment, where costs are lower, and minimize the amount of testing at the higher integrated system level where it tends to be more expensive.