Date of Graduation


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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

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Electrical Engineering


Shui-Qing Yu

Committee Member

Hameed Naseem

Second Committee Member

Vasundara Varadan


Electron Beam Lithography, Field Effect Transistor, Single Nanowire Device


One dimensional nanostructure materials such as nanowires have drawn many interests among the scientific community for a wide range of applications such as field-effect transistors [1], [2], inverters[3], light-emitting diode [1], lasers [4], nanosensors [5], [6], and photodetectors [7]... Comparing with the characterization of nanowire arrays, characterizing a single nanowire will definitely provide a better understanding on new nanowire properties due to simplified behaviors of devices. Although promising theories could be drawn from those results, fabrication of test structure for single nanowire measurements cannot be easily processed using standard microfabrication techniques. Therefore, electron beam lithography integrated with photolithography technique has been used to manipulate the connection; which provides I-V characteristics, of single horizontal nanowire with a specific device. Single Si nanowire characterization could be extended to various materials for further studies.

In addition to single horizontal nanowire device, single vertical nanowire structure has been fabricated. Electron beam lithography technique is mainly used to pattern well-defined nanostructures where single ZnO nanowire is grown. Optical measurement, photoluminescence, is conducted to verify ZnO nanowires.

This thesis also emphasizes on fabrication process to pattern various structures such as lines, rings, and circles with different sizes from 1um to sub 100nm... They could be potential candidate to create nanodisk antenna (rings), fishnet structure (lines), and base to grown single nanowire (circle).