Date of Graduation


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Degree Name

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

Degree Level



Electrical Engineering


Juan C. Balda

Committee Member

Alan Mantooth

Second Committee Member

Roy McCann


Current Compensation, Current Control, D Q Axis, Power Electronics, Unbalanced Currents


The objective of this thesis is to present and evaluate a solution to the unbalanced current issue that can be found in three-phase electrical power grids. The solution is named unbalanced current static compensator (UCSC) and has the goal of balancing the currents at the source in order to mitigate adverse issues such as of negative- and zero-sequence currents that are generated by three-phase current unbalances.

The solution topology consists of three single-phase H-bridge converters that are controlled through an algorithm working in the d-q frame of reference. The algorithm is divided in three different stages: the phase synchronization and reference current generator stage, the DC-link voltage and current controller stage, and the PWM stage. The design and functionality of the UCSC topology and algorithm is validated through MATLAB/SIMULINKTM simulations.