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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)

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Industrial Engineering


Kelly M. Sullivan

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Edward A. Pohl

Second Committee Member

Chase E. Rainwater


We study a version of the shortest path network interdiction problem in which the follower seeks to find the shortest path on a given network and the leader seeks to maximize the follower's shortest path length by interdicting arcs. We consider placement of interdictions that are not visible to the follower; however, we seek to locate interdictions in a manner that is robust against the possibility that some interdiction locations become known to the follower. We formulate the problem as a bi-level program, and use the simulated annealing heuristic to identify high quality solutions. We apply our approach to investigate the tradeoffs between conservative (i.e., the follower discovers all interdiction locations) and risky (i.e., the follower discovers no interdiction locations) assumptions regarding the leader's information advantage. A design of experiments study is performed in order to tune the parameters for the simulated annealing heuristic.