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Master of Arts in Psychology (MA)

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Psychological Science


Douglas A. Behrend

Committee Member

Ana Bridges

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Denise R. Beike


Psychology, Antisocial, Authority, Children, Containment, Intergenerational, Parenting


Researchers have invoked a variety of theories when discussing the relation between children's orientation to authority and the development of antiSocial behavior (ASB). Here, the focus is children's sense of containment. Previous studies revealed an association between perceived containment and child externalizing behaviors. In this study, the degree to which a child's sense of containment is related to parents' level of ASB was examined. One hundred sixty aggressive children and their parents participated. I hypothesized that ineffective discipline would moderate the relation between parent ASB and child perceived containment. I expected to find an inverse relation between parents' level of ASB and their child's sense of containment, but only for those children whose parents tend to rely on ineffective discipline. No significant findings emerged. Thus, neither hypothesis was supported for this sample. The potential theoretical and methodological limitations related to these unexpected results are explored.