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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Carleton Holt

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Jules Beck

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Benny Gooden


Charlotte Danileson, Professional Development, Student Achievement, Teacher Evaluation


The purpose of this study is to answer the question: How do pilot users of the Danielson Evaluation System perceive this model in two mid-south high schools? The study describes the perceptions of teachers and administrators who implemented the Danielson Teacher Evaluation Model. The primary focus was on teachers and administrators experience with the pilot of the new Arkansas Teacher Excellence Support System. In an effort to meet requirements under the ESEA flexibility waiver Arkansas developed a comprehensive evaluation model to meet state and federal accountability standards. Arkansas Department of Education developed a pilot school program in which they were afforded the opportunity to explore the teacher evaluation tool in a lived experience in four pilots across the state. The researcher conducted structured open-ended interviews with teachers and building principals. Observations were conducted with research participants. Documents were collected throughout the study to meet triangulation of this phenomenological study. The significant themes (axial codes) that emerged from the data collected were (a) role of the students, (b) teacher evaluation system, (c) emotions of teachers, and (d) reflection of the process.

This qualitative study adds new research to the field on the perceptions, experiences, and essence of piloting the Danielson Framework for Teaching Evaluation Model. This research will be instrumental in facilitating more long term research on the perceptions of the framework as a teacher evaluation model. Through this study, readers can gain new insight on the struggle of teachers and administrators as they shift their thinking from the Danielson Framework which guides teacher practices to an evaluation tool. This study provides new research of the everyday challenges of teachers and their effort to improve student achievement.