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Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCmpE)

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Computer Science & Computer Engineering


Dale Thompson

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Jia Di

Second Committee Member

Brajendra Panda


Anonymity, Chaum, Peer to Peer, Privacy, Secrecy, Smartphone


Currently there are few user-friendly applications for anonymous communication across multiple platforms, leaving data that is often both personal and private vulnerable to malicious activity. Mobile devices such as smartphones are prime candidates for such an application as they are pervasive and have standardized communication protocols. Through the application of mixing techniques, these devices can provide anonymity for groups of individuals numbering 30 to 40 members. In this work, a Chaum mix inspired, smartphone based network that uses the Short Message Service (SMS) is described first in theory and then in implementation. This system leverages both techniques used by current anonymity networks as well as knowledge gained from current and past research to make messages private and untraceable. The work addresses previously published attacks to anonymous systems through current and innovative mitigation techniques