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Master of Science in Human Environmental Science (MS)

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Timothy Killian

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Jean Turner

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Don Edgar


HRQoL, Leisure Activities, Long-term Care, Older Adults


The purpose of this paper was to examine predicted variations in Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) among individuals over the age of 65 residing in Long Term Care (LTC) facilities. Variables related to self-care, depression, gender, social support, and leisure activities were examined. Univariate analysis was conducted from data collected from 110 LTC residents from 15 assisted living facilities (ALF) and nursing homes (NH) throughout Arkansas and a standard multiple regression was employed. Linear combinations of independent variables were significantly correlated to variations of HRQoL. More specifically, higher ratings in depression were positively correlated to lower ratings of HRQoL. Higher activity participation was positively related to lower ratings of HRQoL. Marital status and educational level was negatively correlated to higher ratings of HRQoL. Findings suggest that more research is needed to determine how variations in leisure activities impact HRQoL and how to employ a wider range of leisure activities that promote HRQoL in older adults residing in LTC.

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