Date of Graduation


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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)

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Industrial Engineering


Manuel D. Rossetti

Committee Member

Richard Ham

Second Committee Member

Shengfan Zhang


Composure Area, Passenger Flow, Secondary Screening, Security, Security Checkpoints, Simulation Modeling


In a previous study, we found that replacing the exit roller of a security checkpoint lane for a continuously circulating conveyor could potentially increase the throughput of passengers by over 28% while maintaining the TSA security-waiting time limit (Janer and Rossetti 2016). This study intends to expand this previous effort by investigating the impact of this circulating conveyor on the secondary screening related processes. Leone and Liu (2011) found that imposing a limit on the x-ray screening time, and diverting any item exceeding this limit to secondary screening, could decrease the waiting time by 43%. Our objective is to verify Leone and Lui’s findings using discrete event simulation, and evaluate the effect of a circulating conveyor on these findings. In particular, we intend to optimize univariate response curves of the same response variable in Leone and Liu’s effort. Simulation will be used to evaluate the optimal solution, and investigate the possibility of replacing a traditional two-lane system with a single lane having the circulating conveyor in place.