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Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD)

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Chemical Engineering


Shannon Servoss

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Kartik Balachandran

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Robert Beitle

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Colin Heyes

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Ranil Wickramasinghe


The pursuit of sensitive, non-invasive, and cost efficient diagnostic tools for early stage disease detection have led to the development of sophisticated biosensor technologies for proteomic studies. As these markers increase in complexity, the role of support substrates grows increasingly important. Limitations in existing support substrates include the potential for increased sensitivity, binding specificity, and bio-stability. Ideal support substrates need to provide biocompatible and bioresistant surfaces, that offer high surface areas for binding, and enables the incorporation of diverse chemistries. The use of peptoids as the basis for the deposition of uniform microsphere coatings offers a mean to the attainment of such characteristics. Specifically, it enables for the utilization of its unique characteristics, namely, ease of synthesis and highly customizable side chain chemistries, in order to create a robust, biocompatible surface.