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Master of Science in Human Environmental Science (MS)

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Jennifer K. Henk

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Debra G. Hurd

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Mardel A. Crandall


Parent involvement in education has been highly encouraged because of its strong associations with positive developmental outcomes for children. Teaching Important Parenting Skills: TIPS for Great Kids! (TIPS) is a program in Arkansas that relays research-based information cards to parents through the support network of the teachers. This study examines how effective the TIPS program was in enhancing parent’s knowledge on child development and observes the influence of the parent-teacher relationship. Although no significant correlation was found between the parent/teacher relationship and parent knowledge, a significant correlation was discovered between the parent/teacher relationship and whether parents read the TIPS card provided to them. Results are discussed with the hope that future studies will continue to examine how to best relay helpful parenting information to families and how to further enhance the TIPS method of relaying such information through children’s teachers.