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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Ed Bengtson

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Michael Daugherty

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Kara Lasater


Freshman Academy, High School, Interventions, K-12, Ninth Grade, Student Success


The purpose of this study was to examine teacher, student, and parent perceptions of the high school transition program within a Freshman Academy at one Midwest high school using a mixed-methods approach with a convergent design. Interviews were done with teachers that teach primarily freshman students, and perception surveys were used with teachers, students, and parents to answer the following research questions:

a) How do freshman teachers believe the Freshman Academy interventions influence students’ successful transition into high school?

b) What are staff’s perceptions of the Freshman Academy in preparing students for success in high school?

c) What are students’ perceptions of the Freshman Academy in preparing them for success in high school? and,

d) What are parents’ perceptions of the Freshman Academy in preparing their students for success in high school?

The data was used to determine which supports participants believed were most effective in keeping students on track towards graduation at this Midwest high school. Summary statements focused on the importance of positive relationships between students and adults, and recommendations from the study focus on increased community building and building structures for increased student accountability.