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Doctor of Education in Higher Education (EdD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


James Hammons

Committee Member

Ketevan Mamiseishvili

Second Committee Member

Ronald Freeman


Behavioral Intervention Team, Campus Violence Prevention, Retention, Students of Concern, Threat Assessment


The aim of this study was to examine Behavioral Intervention Teams from the perspective of twelve team members at four regional universities in Oklahoma. This study strengthened the knowledge base regarding team-member perceptions of Behavioral Intervention Team effectiveness, functioning, resources, needs, state factors, and campus impacts, and added qualitative data to the existing body of literature. Behavioral Intervention Teams were designed to be a tool for preventing campus violence and addressing behaviors of concern through information gathering, analysis, and intervention. While it may never be known how many acts of violence, suicides, or other student issues have been prevented or ameliorated by these teams, this research allowed for a better understanding of team functioning, team member experiences, and of the value of having these teams on college campuses. This research may be used by teams, administrators, and other decision makers to assist in maximizing student success, safety, and retention.