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Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies (PhD)

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Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies


Mohja Kahf

Committee Member

Yajaira Padilla

Second Committee Member

Lisa Hinrichsen


Arabic Literature, Arab Immigrant, Arab Refugees, Citizenship, Gender, Sexuality


This study provides a comparative analysis of various representations of sexuality in seven transnational Arab cultural productions: Salim Haddad's Guapa (2016), Rabih Alameddine's The Angel of History (2016), Ahmed Dany Ramadan's The Clothesline Swing (2017), Hasan Namir's God in Pink (2015), Fadia Abboud's I Luv U But (2016), Alissar Gazal's Lesbanese (2008), and Ayse Toprak's Mr. Gay Syria (2017). These productions demonstrate a range of experiences of discrimination and trauma experienced by queer Arab immigrants and refugees in Europe, the U.S. and Canada, as their national identities continue to be regarded as obstacles preventing them from fully integrating into the dominant liberal queer community. I argue that LGBTQ Arabs have developed different ways of achieving a sense of belonging in disaporic communities. They have also managed to bring their sexuality to the forefront of their lived experiences while tackling the many social challenges facing Arabs and especially Muslim Arabs today.