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Doctor of Philosophy in Microelectronics-Photonics (PhD)

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Ajay P. Malshe

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Gregory J. Salamo

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William D. Brown

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Vladimir V. Dotsenko

Fourth Committee Member

Deepnarayan Gupta

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Kenneth G. Vickers


Applied sciences, Carbon nanotubes, Electronic packaging, Multi-chip modules, Superconducting electronics, Thermal management


The objectives of this proposal are to understand the science and technology of interfaces in the packaging of superconducting electronic (SCE) multichip modules (MCMs) at 4 K. The thermal management issue of the current SCE-MCMs was examined and the package assembly was optimized. A novel thermally conducting and electrically insulating nano-engineered polymer was developed for the thermal management of SCE-MCMs for 4 K cryogenic packaging. Finally, the nano-engineered polymer was integrated as underfill in a SCE-MCM and the thermal and electrical performance of SCE-MCM was demonstrated at 4 K.

Niobium based superconducting electronics (SCE) are the fastest known digital logic which operate at 100GHz and greater. Nevertheless, the performance of the SCE device depends on the temperature of the SCE integrated circuits being maintained between 4.2 - 4.25 K. Additionally, as semiconductors are slowly approaching their performance limitations the SCE devices are viewed as a viable alternative for high end computing and commercial wireless applications. However, the successful implementation of SCE's requires the demonstration of these devices in multichip module (MCM) architecture. Thus the stringent thermal constraint and the complex MCM architecture require an innovative method for thermal management which is addressed by the current research.