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Master of Science in Geology (MS)

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Doy L. Zachry

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Xiangyang Xie

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Jackson Cothren


Earth sciences


The Glenn Pool Oil Field of Northeastern Oklahoma was established as the first major oil discovery of the fledgling state of Oklahoma. Fully developed by 1912, the field is now nearing depletion even under secondary and tertiary recovery efforts after production for approximately 100 years. Large amounts of residual oil estimated to still be in place have motivated exploration into other recovery methods, including polymer flooding and horizontal drilling. Success of these programs is dependent upon accurate characterization of the reservoir. Because most of the drilling occurred many decades ago, much of the data associated with this field predates electric well logging and has not been integrated with contemporary databases.

To establish a more accurate characterization of the reservoir, these data have been digitized and integrated with current data available to further delineate the Glenn Pool Reservoir. Using information from original drilling records, surveyed well locations, water flood studies, and historical maps, a more sharply defined characterization has been generated for the productive Bartlesville, or Glenn Pool, Sandstone.

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