Date of Graduation


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Degree Name

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

Degree Level



Electrical Engineering


Juan Balda

Committee Member

Roy McCann

Second Committee Member

Yue Zhao


Controller Design, Distribution Systems, Modular Multilevel Converter, Phase- Shifted PWM, Power semiconductor Switch Selections, Selective Harmonic Elimination


Reducing the size and weight of a power electric system is a prodigious challenge to researchers as the development of the latest technologies emerge in the field of electrical engineering. A similar urge is there to develop a light-weight mobile power substation (MPS) to use in the electric power distribution systems during emergency conditions. This thesis proposes a power electronics based solution using the modular multilevel converter (MMC) topology to design the MPS system. The market-available power semiconductor devices are analyzed and suitable devices are selected to design the system. The phase-shifted pulse width modulation (PS-PWM) and selective harmonic elimination (SHE) switching algorithms are selected to modulate the MMC terminals. To validate the proposed techniques simulation files are built in MATLAB/SIMULINKTM. Simulation results are presented and analyzed to verify the theoretical claims. These simulation results prove the feasibility of designing the MPS system with the proposed techniques.