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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)

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Industrial Engineering


Gregory Parnell

Committee Member

Ed Pohl

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Simon Goerger

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Matthew Cilli


Model Based Engineering, Operations Research, Resilience, Set Based Design, Systems Design


This thesis presents a comprehensive package for understanding and expanding set-based design quantification through the definition and demonstration of Convergent set-based design (SBD). Convergent SBD is a technique developed for the Engineered Resilient Systems program sponsored by the Department of Defense. Convergent SBD contributes a repeatable methodology with the goal of mathematically eliminating inefficient sets. The study of Convergent SBD led to the development of dominance identification criteria equations using comparison of statistical means. The demonstration of Convergent SBD also illustrates the effect of mission resilience in the tradespace and the impact mission resilience has on preference. Finally, Convergent SBD contributes to mathematical identification of the previously heuristic based set drivers and set modifiers and discusses additional decision analyst uses for this information. Presented as a complete thesis, Convergent SBD provides a foundational mathematical technique for eliminating sets and a method for converging to an efficient, affordable solution or group of solutions.