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Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MEd)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Felicia Lincoln

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Marcia Smith

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Freddie Bowles


English as a Foreign Language, Guatemala, Project Based Learning, TESOL


This research focused on the perceptions of Project Based Learning in an English as a Foreign Language context in one private Guatemalan school. The research examined the perceptions of teachers and students on Project Based Learning by implementing a four-week project in one classroom. This research also examined the difference between the girls’ and boys’ perceptions of Project Based Learning. The participants included one teacher and 18 students aged between 15 and 16. Mixed method was used to derive quantitative and qualitative data from surveys, an interview, and observational data. The results concluded that the teacher had a positive experience implementing Project Based Learning. The teacher found Project Based Learning to be likable and an effective way to teach English. The students considered the project to be successful, likable, and an effective way to learn English. This research supports the implementation of Project Based Learning in an EFL context in Guatemalan private schools.