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Master of Science in Food Science (MS)

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Food Science


Sun-Ok Lee

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Wei Shi

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Luke Howard


Bioavailability, Blackberry, Caco-2, Stilbenoid, Volatiles


Arachidin-1 (Ara-1) and arachidin-3 (Ara-3) are stilbenoids found in hairy peanut roots, which have been shown to possess similar, if not higher, efficacy in biological activities when compared to nonprenylated analogs such as piceatannol and resveratrol. Blackberry essences are concentrated volatiles, which are characterized by low molecular weight, lipophilic properties, and have also been demonstrated to have health benefits. As interest in dietary bioactive compounds functional ingredients increase, more emphasis has been placed on identifying which compounds have high efficacy as well as bioavailability. The ability of a compound to exert its health promoting effects depends on its bioavailable dose, rather than the administered dose. The present study aimed to evaluate the stability of Ara-1 and Ara-3 under cell incubation conditions and attempts to determine bioavailability of Ara-1, Ara-3, and blackberry essences using an in vitro Caco-2 transport assay. Caco-2 cells were seeded on semipermeable membranes and allowed to differentiate into a morphology that resembles mature small intestine enterocytes. Sample preparation, extraction methods, and enzymatic treatments were adjusted to enhance recovery of Ara-1 and Ara-3. However, Ara-1 was shown to be more susceptible to the effects of oxidation and degradation. At this time, it is inconclusive whether Ara-1 and Ara-3 possesses higher bioavailability than its analog, resveratrol (Resv), in cell incubation conditions due to little to no recovery during transport. On the other than, individual volatiles from the blackberry essences were tentatively identified and transport rates determined based on the peak area found in the starting material. Results suggests that though esters and monoterpenes make up the two most abundant functional groups in the blackberry essence profile, higher transport rates and recovery were observed in aldehydes.