Date of Graduation


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Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction (PhD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Elizabeth R. Lorah

Committee Member

Peggy Schaefer-Whitby

Second Committee Member

Suzanne Kucharczyk


Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Organizational Behavior Management


Mand training is an evidence-based instructional method and a primary focus in behavioral language training for children with autism. A rapidly growing research base supports manding training using hand-held computing technologies (e.g., iPad®, iPod®) as speech generating devices (SGD) for establishing a manding repertoire in children with autism. To ensure optimal learning efficacy and efficiency, procedures must be implemented with high levels of accuracy, which requires that staff be well-trained. However, research evaluating methods for training staff to implement mand training procedures with the iPad® and application Proloquo2Go™ as an SGD has not yet been conducted. Therefore, this study examined the effectiveness of job aids followed by Train to Code, an interactive observation and behavioral coding software system to teach preschool teachers to implement mand training using the iPad® as an SGD with the application Proloquo2Go™. The TTC training programs used errorless training procedures with performance-based feedback to train expert observation and coding of behavioral events (i.e. mand training sequential components) via video files. As demonstrated in a multi-component within a multiple probe design across participants, all participants’ teaching accuracy increased following the initiation of the job aid condition; however, TTC was required to establish high levels of accuracy of mand training procedures during role-play sessions with a confederate. In addition, results indicated improved performance relative to baseline during instructional sessions with a child with autism or a developmental delay, and performance accuracy maintained at one-month follow-up. These results suggest that job aids followed by TTC may be an effective and feasible method for training individuals to implement mand training using an iPad® and the application Proloquo2Go™.