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Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education (PhD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Kristin Higgins

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Daniel Kissinger

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Christopher Lucas

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Michael Collie


Social sciences, Psychology, Behavior, Foster care, Parenting, Parenting skills, Problems, Training


The complex, long-term, and prevalent behavioral problems and needs of foster children and youth continue to be documented (Farmer et al., 2010; United States Department of Health and Human Services [USDHHS], 2005). However, research indicates that foster parents are not adequately prepared or trained to address these challenging behaviors (e.g. Dorsey et al., 2008; Lee & Holland, 1991; Puddy & Jackson, 2003). Foster parent perspectives and the inclusion of their input concerning foster parenting and the behavioral problems of foster youth are needed to examine this crucial problem area (Park & Helton, 2010). The intent of this multi-case study was to explore foster parents' perceptions of their knowledge, skills, and abilities to address the behavioral challenges of foster youth. More specifically, this study examined what foster parents perceive they need to help successfully fulfill their fostering role.