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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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Kristin Musgnug

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Lynn Jacobs

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Jeannie Hulen


Communication and the arts, In-site, Intervention, Original artwork, Space, Spiral installation


Spiral is a site-specific gallery installation. Simplicity and subtleness are the goals for this installation. It shapes a spiral from above, and is meant to be experienced by walking through it. It has four different elements: one white cotton scrim, 71 feet long by 9 feet high, one cotton scrim 15 feet long by 9 feet high, a direct wall print, and outside natural air. The piece is made of materials such as cotton fabric, casein, bleach and Arkansas yellow oxide clay.

The intent of Spiral Installation is to convey the idea of the flowing process of life and death throughout time. It also suggests the idea of being able to see subtle natural flowing energies that surround and permeate us all the time, but which we cannot see because of our limited natural perception. Those energies affect us all the time, even when we are not entirely conscious of them.

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