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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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Sean P. Morrissey

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Kasey Ramirez

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Dylan J. Dewitt

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Marc Mitchell


art, dreams, film, printmaking, reality, surreal, the uncanny


We are unable to interface with reality as it is. Everything that encompasses our understanding of reality and ourselves—from our physical perceptions to our memories—are subject to innate flaws that make a complete grasp of reality impossible. an echo from the living room is invested in the idea that reality itself is malleable, taking influence from altered states of reality such as dreams, nightmares, and memory. Drawing from the personal experiences of recurring nightmares and living in a haunted house, as well film, the uncanny, and the multiple, an echo from the living room strives to create space for these kinds of experiences in waking life. Through altered found objects, sculpture, prints, video, audio, light, and interferences with the space, the exhibition takes the form of a series of shifting 'echoes' responding to itself and the space it inhabits, prioritizing and exploring these experiences deemed as 'lesser,' with the goal that doing so will allow for a more rounded understanding of reality as a whole.