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Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD)

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Electrical Engineering


H. Alan Mantooth

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Simon Ang

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Jia Di

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Scott C. Smith

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A. Matthew Francis

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Jingxian Wu


Data Acquisition, High Temperature Electronics, Integrated Circuits, Silicon Carbide Circuits, Wide Bandgap Circuits


Wide bandgap semiconductor materials such as gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide have grown in popularity as a substrate for power devices for high temperature and high voltage applications over the last two decades. Recent research has been focused on the design of integrated circuits for protection and control in these wide bandgap materials. The ICs developed in SiC and GaN can not only complement the power devices in high voltage and high frequency applications, but can also be used for standalone high temperature control and data acquisition circuitry.

This dissertation work aims to explore the possibilities in high temperature and wide bandgap circuit design by developing a host of mixed-signal circuits that can be used for control and data acquisition. These include a family of current-mode signal processing circuits, general purpose amplifiers and comparators, and 8-bit data converters. The signal processing circuits along with amplifiers and comparators are then used to develop an integrated mixed-signal controller for a DC-DC flyback converter in a microinverter application. The 8-bit SAR ADC and the 8-bit R-2R ladder DAC open up the possibility of a remote data acquisition and control system in high temperature environments. The circuits and systems presented here offer a gateway to great opportunities in high temperature and power electronics ICs in SiC.