Date of Graduation


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Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education (PhD)


Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Roy Farley

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James O. Hammons

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Kristin K. Higgins

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Lynn Koch


Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials


The purpose of this study was to explore the multicultural elements related to generational affiliation. Much of current generational literature is anecdotal and does not empirically explore the culture of each generation. A constructivist ground theory approach was applied to the study of three generational cohorts (Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials) using focus groups to (a) explore the values, beliefs, and worldview inherent to each generation, and (b) extend theory on multiculturalism Data from nine focus groups, three for each generational cohort, were analyzed for key themes within each generational cohort. Results indicated that, in keeping with the American Counseling Association's call for counselors to be multiculturally competent, generational culture should be incorporated into counselor training and continued education.