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Master of Science in Microelectronics-Photonics (MS)

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Ajay Malshe

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Gregory Salamo

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Arun Nair

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Salil Bapat

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Rick Wise


Bio-Inspired Engineering, functional surfaces, python regius, snake skin, 3D printing


This research focuses on the understanding, development, and additive manufacture of a 3D printed snake skin-inspired texture pattern. The design functionalities of snake skin were determined through the study of the snake species Python Regius otherwise known as the ball python. Each scale of a snake has hierarchical texture with hexagonal macro-patterns aligned on the ventral surface of the skin with overriding anisotropic micro textured patterns such as denticulations and fibrils. Using a laser-powder bed fusion (L-PBF) process, 420 stainless steel samples were 3D printed which closely resemble the above described directional texture of natural snake skin. This printed surface was tested for the understanding of friction management using a pin-on-disk tribometer in relation to the directional antislippery behavior of the snake. This thesis explores the convergence of a bio-inspired design with additive manufacturing for realization of functional surfaces.