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Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction (PhD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Christian Z. Goering

Committee Member

Jason L. Endacott

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Freddie A. Bowles


ESL, Phenomenological Study, Teachers Lived Experiences, Workplace ESL Programs


This qualitative phenomenological study was designed to understand in-depth teachers lived experiences with workplace ESL programs. This study provides strategies and recommendations to improve the overall logistics of workplace ESL programs which can benefit the employer, the students, the institution, and the teachers. Strengthening the partnership and communication of all the parties can strengthen the program as whole as well. Data collection of the methodological process included in-depth face-to-face interviews with seventeen teachers during the summer of 2019.The data was managed and analyzed through initial and axial coding from which main themes emerged. Six key findings emerged from themes as findings: the need of stronger partnerships, ESL initiatives as strengths, ESL program challenges, following State adult education programs, building a class environment that supports learners needs, and professional and personal growth. Hopefully, the findings of this study will provide insights about workplace ESL programs and add knowledge to the existing literature in the field. Keywords: teachers lived experiences, workplace ESL programs, phenomenological study.