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Master of Science in Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences (MS)

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Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences


Larry C. Purcell

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Trenton L. Roberts

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Douglas Karcher

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Jason Kelley


Corn, Dark Green Color Index, Leaf nitrogen, Nitrogen, Pretassel, Remote Sensing


There are a lack of tools to assess midseason nitrogen (N) status in corn (Zea mays L.) production systems and identify the need for additional N fertilization. This study was conducted to determine the ability of leaf N concentration (LN) and the Dark Green Color Index (DGCI) at the 10th collared leaf stage (V10), the 12th collared leaf stage (V12), and tasseling (VT) to predict if midseason N is required to maximize corn grain yield. From 2017 to 2019, eight field studies with 11 N treatments ranging from 0 to 258 kg N ha-1 were conducted on silt loam soils in Arkansas. Leaf samples and digital images were collected at V10, V12, and VT growth stages. Relative grain yield (RGY) was predicted as a function of LN between V10 and VT which was described by a linear-plateau regression (R2 = 0.82, P-value < 0.0001). Model predictions indicated that RGY increased linearly up to a LN concentration of 30.4 g N kg-1 and there was no additional increase when LN was greater than 30.4 g kg-1. Measurements of DGCI from the high N treatment (258 kg N ha-1) were included in the regression analysis as a reference DGCI (RDGCI) to account for differences in environmental lighting when aerial images were captured. A multiple regression equation described the relationship between LN, DGCI, and RDGCI (Pvalue