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Master of Science in Human Environmental Science (MS)

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Sabrina P. Trudo

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Jennifer Becnel

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Mechelle Bailey


International Physical Activity Questionnaire, IPAQ, Health Related Quality of Life-14 Measure, HRQOL


Micronutrients are essential for both physical and mental health. There is a correlation between poor health and mood and micronutrient deficiencies. Young adults age 18-24 are an at-risk, understudied population likely to benefit from multivitamin mineral supplementation. Multivitamin mineral supplementation is a potential way to bridge gaps in micronutrient levels, thus influencing health-related outcomes. Here, we provide the first attempt at influencing health-related quality of life and physical activity with a multivitamin mineral supplement in young adults. Using a supplement formulated without herbal extracts and caffeine, this double-blind study examined the efficacy of a daily multivitamin mineral supplement for 30 days on health-related quality of life and physical activity in young adults age 18-24 years. With obesity being a continued health concern and related to poor mental health, we also compared the effects in both healthy and excess body weight participants. While there were main group effects, there were no effects on health-related quality of life or physical activity when comparing between supplement and placebo group. While it is possible that supplementation may not have an influence on these outcomes, it is possible that low sample size or short study duration, among others, limited ability to more fully assess if there is an effect.