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Master of Fine Arts in Theatre (MFA)

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Michael Riha

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Shawn Irish

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Jason Burrow


A Little Night Music, Design, Musicals, Scenic Design, Theatre


A Little Night Music by Hugh Wheeler and Stephen Sondheim was produced by the University of Arkansas Department of Theatre in 2018-2019 academic school year. The scenic design process entailed a series of private meetings, design meetings, independent research, and analysis that all culminated into a full scenic design package. The show itself has many locations that quickly transition into one another. It was my challenge as the designer to cohesively design the scenery so that it could be transitioned easily and in time with the music. The major themes of the show that I based the design around were magic vs. mortality and femininity vs. masculinity. I represented these themes using wrought iron as a symbol of femininity and softening it with the elegant drapery. The grandeur of the scenery and the art nouveau style wrought iron represented the magical world in which the mortal characters lived. The numerous scenic transitions challenged me as a designer to communicate my ideas effectively. Overall the show was a success. The design came together to be a beautiful and grand representation of the world created by Hugh Wheeler and Stephen Sondheim.