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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

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Electrical Engineering


Fang Luo

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Yue Zhao

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Roy A. McCann


cooling capacity, single-sided, double-sided, thermal cycling, field modeling


Wide bandgap semiconductors (SiC & GaN) due to their enhanced performance and superior material properties compared to traditional silicon power devices have become the ultimate choice for future high-performance power electronics energy conversion. GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) offers very fast switching capability enabling the designer to push switching frequency to the MHz range. Traditional device packaging becomes a limiting factor in fully harnessing the benefits offered by these advanced power devices, and thus, improved and advanced packaging structures are a must to bridge the gap between GaN devices and their applications. A co-design, co-optimization method has been followed to develop two gate driver integrated GaN half-bridge phase leg power modules with optimized power loop inductance, improved thermal performance, and lesser EMI noise emission. The first design or baseline design is compliant with the commercially available easy 1B package and have a single-sided cooling feature. In the second or advanced design, a new design has been proposed with similar loop inductance but double-sided cooling feature and better EMI performance.

Moreover, to address the near field coupling issue in a high-density electronics system and to map the emission, an automated near field test setup using a six-axis robotic arm has been developed with very small step size and repeatability producing the desired map with refined resolution. An easy to use MATLAB based modeling approach has been proposed and validated using the ANSYS MAXWELL simulation and near field test.