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Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education (PhD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


David D. Christian

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Erin Kern Popejoy

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Allison Ames Boykin

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Kristin K. Higgins


School Counseling, School Counselor, Site Supervision, Site Supervisor, social sciences education, Supervision


The purpose of this study was to investigate school counseling site supervisors’ level of preparedness to provide adequate supervision to school counselors in training and determine if any variables could predict the level of preparedness. Professional School Counselors in the United States (N=86) were asked to complete a survey about how prepared they believed themselves to assist a supervisee in developing each ASCA (2019c) School Counselor Professional Standards and Competencies, as well as their training and experience with the supervisory process and supervision models.Results from this study indicate a clear need for continued training, as well as specialized training relevant to supervising in the school counseling specialty area. Statistically significant predictors of school counseling site supervisors’ level of preparedness to supervise were experience with the ASCA (2019a) National Model, level of education, support from a supervisee’s university faculty, and whether the school counseling site supervisor graduated from a CACREP accredited counselor education program. Findings support screening of school counseling site supervisors and suggest future research and a method for the screening process. Implications for this study also support the development of targeted trainings to include the ASCA (2019a) National Model, among other relevant supervision information and updates.