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Doctor of Philosophy in Health, Sport and Exercise Science (PhD)

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Health, Human Performance and Recreation


Steve Dittmore

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Joshua J. Lens

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Wen-Juo Lo

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Wonyoung Kim


Source Credibility, Celebrity Endorsement, Celebrity Attitude, Involvement, Purchase Intention, Sport Consumers, Sport Products


The purpose of the study is to examine the main features of a sport celebrity which make them credible as an endorser such that it influences the consumer’s purchase intention based on the products’ attributes. The study used a non-probability sample, a convenient sample method, limiting the generalization possibilities. A total of 401 surveys were collected for a golf apparel study while a total of 397 surveys were collected for a golf equipment study.

Findings of the golf apparel study indicated that trustworthiness, attitude toward advertisement, and involvement in golf positively influence on purchase intentions. On the other hand, attractiveness, expertise, attitude toward celebrity, and involvement in golf have an effect on purchase intention in the golf equipment study. This result re-emphasizes the importance of understanding consumers to deliver an effective message to promote increased consumption by the consumer with a higher level of fit between the product and the interest of consumers. It is necessary to recognize that the endorser credibility of sport celebrity endorsers affects advertising on endorsed products based on their current performance. The question of whether a sports celebrity's field success affects individual dimensions of endorser credibility is rarely discussed in the athlete endorsement literature. These findings will extend the growing literature on the sports advertising industry in sports and provide practical knowledge for sports marketers to use sports advertising models effectively. The results of the study help marketers effectively choose the best celebrities for recommending their brands and products.

Keywords:Source Credibility, Celebrity Endorsement, Celebrity Attitude, Involvement, Purchase Intention