Date of Graduation


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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Kevin P. Brady

Committee Member

Kara Lasater

Second Committee Member

Christy Smith


Administrator, Building level administrator, IEP, Leadership, Principal, Special Education


The purpose of this study was to identify the factors serving as barriers to effective building-level administrator participation in special education individualized education program (IEP) meetings. For the purposes of this study, research was conducted in the multidisciplinary areas of social cognitive theory and self-efficacy, along with an examination of school-building administrators as instructional leaders, the role(s) of building-level leadership in special education and building administrator knowledge and understanding of special education policies and practices. A qualitative research approach was used to examine local building-level administrator participation in the special education IEP process. Building Level Administrators, in the district were surveyed via Qualtrics and interviewed in a one-on-one format using Zoom.

The research questions used were:1. What perceptions do building-level administrators’ have of their role(s) in IEP meetings? 2. What potential obstacles impact building-level administrators’ participation in special education IEP meetings? 3. What specific procedural and/or professional practices would improve building-level administrators’ active and inclusive involvement in IEP meetings?

The data gathered from this research was used to discover common themes in barriers to building administrator participation in special education IEP meetings, so that recommendations could be made to help building administrators in this area.