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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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Sean P. Morrissey

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Rebecca Ann Drolen

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Janine A. Sytsma

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Jeannie Hulen


activism, art, feminism, printmaking


Synthesizing personal narrative, sociological phenomenon, and art historical analysis, Turning Tides examines the relationship between power dynamics and sexual assault. Inequities and injustices with regard to the handling of sexual assault, and the norms that allow this issue to be pervasive, are woven throughout the cultural fabric of the United States. Feminists and feminist activist artists in the 1970s brought the matters women, and other marginalized groups, were facing to the forefront of political and social dialogue. The resulting work left an indelible mark on public perceptions and allowed for other activists and artists to build upon the foundations; creating their own work and spaces from which to further examine, and to a degree ameliorate in some capacity, topics of concern. Using selected methods and practices of printmaking, papermaking, sewing, embroidery, painting, and digital image manipulations served as points of investigation into the vast and interconnected facets concerning the societal landscape affected by sexual assault, harassment, and interpersonal imbalances of power that allow for these circumstances to perpetuate themselves.