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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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Mathew S. McConnell

Committee Member

Renata Cassiano Alvarez

Second Committee Member

Kristin Ann Musgnug

Third Committee Member

Dylan J. Dewitt


art installation, mind-puzzle, ceramics, fabric


This project is an installation depicting shirts and pants in various degrees of Recognizability. The Components vary from somewhat Unrecognizable to entirely Unrecognizable; Bumps and Blocks are interspersed and interrupt the Semi-logic of What’s going on here while adding repetitive elements to clarify the existence of the Semi-logic. The arrangement of the Components in the installation makes the Unrecognizable forms surrounded by the In-between Space into somewhat Recognizable versions of shirts and pants. The viewer does not fully recognize all the Components, but instead understands the implied Recognition given their existence within the installation. The ideas of Lists, Patterns, Systems, and Maps are used to delineate relationships between the Components and set possible connections to form a sort of puzzle without a clearly defined answer. There is not a set answer to the puzzle as the work does not answer questions, it provides the amount of information needed for the viewer to construct the puzzle and figure out that there are quite a number of shirts and pants in various forms, even if they don’t exactly know why. The why is not intended to come from the work, the viewer is free to determine it, the viewer who connects to the Semi-logic by Pausing, Looking, and Thinking in order to Feel and Emote.