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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Kevin P. Brady

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Suzanne Kucharczyk

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Christy L. Smith


Case study, Educational pathway, Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), Secondary Education, Secondary Transition, Special Education, Student Needs, Student support, Student Success, Transition planning


The purpose of this research study was to examine and analyze the perceptions of students with mild-moderate disabilities, teachers, and parents regarding the students’ experiences related to their secondary transition plan. More specifically, the qualitative single-case study sought to identify areas of alignment and divergence of these three key members’ perspectives since experiences and perceptions are unique to an individual based on the context and individual’s perspective of the event. These findings suggested that the district showed experiences of valuable student presence and input in their IEP meetings and trusting supportive student-teacher relationships. The study also revealed that significant barriers to student-centered and relevant experiences and opportunities exist. Ongoing challenges experienced and perceived by students, teachers, and parents were limited planning time with the student, inconsistent student opportunities and experiences, student’s and parent’s limited understanding of IEP/transition- specifically that the sole means of an IEP is a means to pass courses and graduate, limited student voice in general education, and limited parental knowledge of student’s experiences related to planning and implementation. This research hopes to provide information that will enable school district officials to understand the students’ needs better and make informed decisions in adjusting the secondary transition program to meet those individualized student needs and improve post-secondary outcomes.