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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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David Andree

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Kara Andree

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Sam King

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Dylan DeWitt


art, drawing, collage, acrylic, honesty, authenticity, collections, play


The accompanying exhibition to this paper, Optimistic and Flawed is a body of drawings and objects that explores the liminal space between playful and intended actions. Inspired by the landscape of the yard and the actions that take place within, the goalless play of a child and the laborious maintenance of an adult. The value of play exists within labor and labor exists within play. The drawings observe this through the theoretical framework of telic and paratelic motivational states as they relate to drawing. Abstracted yards and landscapes provide a space for the labor of the hand. A history of marks is created revealing the search for beauty within each intentional and unintentional mark. The quality granted through ad hoc methods is vital to achieve a balance between these fluctuating states. The exhibition of drawings seeks to validate the importance of play within practice and embrace the flaws and imperfections and inevitable self-editing that result.