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Doctor of Education in Adult and Lifelong Learning (EdD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Kit Kacirek

Committee Member

Michael Miller

Second Committee Member

Susan Rathbun-Grubb


Academic Librarians, Continuing Professional Development, Leadership, OER, Open Education, SPARC


Academic librarianship is a constantly changing profession. Open education librarianship has developed as an area of specialization. Effective continuing professional development (CPD) for learning about open educational resources (OER) is needed to meet academic librarians' knowledge and training needs engaged in this area. This narrative case study examines the experiences and perceptions of academic librarians who completed a structured open education leadership program. Interviews were conducted with a selection of program fellows to capture the personal perspectives of the program participants. These interview narratives were transcribed and, alongside program curriculum and participant projects, utilized to answer the study's research questions about the participants' experiences and perceptions of value gained from the program and its impact on their careers. The analysis concluded that CPD programs are effective and valuable to participants when the time and effort participants commit is accompanied by structured, well-managed, scaffolded, interactive learning experiences that prioritize human interaction and network building. When professionals engage in programs like this one, dedicating the time and focus required, they can realize positive professional outcomes and attain a personal sense of accomplishment.