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Doctor of Education in Adult and Lifelong Learning (EdD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Kit Kacirek

Committee Member

Kevin Roessger

Second Committee Member

Kenda Grover


Community College, COVID-19, Enrollment Services, Front-line staff, Onboarding, Student Services, Student-centric


As a result of the 2019 global coronavirus pandemic, nearly every business and industry in the United States was forced to adapt its operations to accommodate the restrictions that a community health crisis necessitated. This study examined the experiences of front-line Enrollment Services staff while serving students during the pandemic at one community college in the Midwestern United States. The study focused on staff perceptions of how college policies, processes, and leadership affected the student onboarding experience that encompasses the complete path a student takes from beginning as an applicant to becoming an enrolled student in the classroom. The study also took an in depth look at the ways in which front-line staff are involved in the institution’s decision-making process. The findings from this study could inform contingency planning and illuminate innovative strategies for serving students. Incorporating data regarding the perceptions about deciphering and implementing college policies of front-line staff during COVID-19 could inform future institutional decisions.