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Doctor of Philosophy in Entomology (PhD)

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Robert N. Wiedenmann

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Catherine Shoulders

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Neelendra Joshi

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Ashley P. Dowling


assessment, glade, Ozark, pitfall, scorpions, spiders


Epigeal predatory arthropods were collected with pitfall-style traps in nine sandstone glades of varying ecological stages, and management histories, in the Ozarks of Northern Arkansas over three years. These sites were categorized into three Site Types; Intact, high quality glades; Degraded, forest-encroached glades, and Restored glades which had received woody vegetation removal and burning. Collections of ground spiders (Gnaphosidae), predatory ground beetles (Carabidae), and the sole species of scorpion present in the Ozarks, Centruroides vittatus, were reported on as well as the applicability of arthropod collection methods for glade habitat assessment. Habitat characteristics were recorded for each site and analyzed for differences between sites and correlation to the diversity of arthropods identified from two seasons of trapping. Intact and Degraded glade sites were found to have different habitat characteristics as well as different species of epigeal arthropods in collections. In general, the Restored Site Type had two sites that appeared to group with Intact sites, and one seemingly more like Degraded sites. This study showed comparing trap catches of the selected taxa among glade sites had value for assessment.