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Doctor of Education in Human Resource and Workforce Development (EdD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Carsten Schmidtke

Committee Member

Mandel G. Samuels

Second Committee Member

Kenda Grover


Faculty Development, Reflection, Reflective Conversations, Reflective Practice


The purpose of this pragmatic qualitative research study is to examine the impact of a faculty development program’s reflection component on teaching effectiveness as perceived by the faculty participants. This study utilizes Schön’s (1983) reflective practice, which calls professionals to move from the technical rationality position of development and practice (theoretical and detached) into a reflective position (practical and applicable). Schön contends that this movement occurs by focusing on reflection in the forms of reflection-in-action, reflection-on-action, and reflective conversations. This study specifically examines the reflection component embedded into the inaugural class of the Excellence in Teaching Program (ETP) at pseudonymous South Central University (SCU), which was designed using questions modeled after Schön’s reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action frameworks. This study affords participants the opportunity to engage in reflective conversations about the reflection component of the ETP. The participants identify four themes, including violated expectations curb motivation, perceived meaningfulness promotes engagement, feedback promotes reflection, and the notion that learners will learn whether developmental programming is perceived favorably or negatively.