Date of Graduation


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Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Dynamics (PhD)

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Environmental Dynamics


Catherine Woglom Shoulders

Committee Member

Jennie Popp

Second Committee Member

Donald Johnson

Third Committee Member

Lisa Wood


dynamic, ecology, garden, interdisciplinary, landscape, perception


Creating successfully remediated landscapes may rely on both natural resources and human perception in landscape design. Urban areas present a dynamic environment wherein communities and nature compete for resources and space. This dissertation study was designed to better understand aesthetic perceptions of native plants capable of land remediation in midwestern communities. Findings from this study show the importance of aesthetic perceptions of stakeholders towards rehabilitated landscapes and the importance of organizing indicators for future design decisions in an interdisciplinary fashion. Recommendations include continued evaluation of aesthetic perceptions for plant species in urban landscapes and modeling a more consistent framework for these interdisciplinary studies. With knowledge of stakeholder perceptions through continued research, improved aesthetic and ecologic designs can seamlessly merge into reclaimed and rehabilitated landscapes.

Available for download on Wednesday, August 17, 2022