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Master of Science in Biological Engineering (MS)

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Jun Zhu

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Wen Zhang

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Thomas Costello


ammonium removal


Anammox is an increasingly common process used for the treatment of reject water and even mainstream wastewater due to its low oxygen demand. However, anammox is not commonly utilized in the direct treatment of poultry litter because of the high organic content, which would inhibit the anammox process. Thus, this project is aimed at optimizing the nitrogen removal rate through partial nitrification anammox process (PN/A) to treat synthetic poultry litter wastewater. Nitrogen removal efficiencies will therefore be improved through optimizing the combination of three operating parameters including hydraulic retention time (HRT), dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration, and carbon to nitrogen (C/N) ratio. The results showed that 170 mg/L NH4+-N and 199.6 mg/L total nitrogen (TN) was removed in the continuous stirred reactor with 100% and 87.3% removal efficiency. During the operation, the relative abundance of the dominant ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (Nitrosomonas), the dominant anammox bacteria (Candidatus Brocadiaceae), and the dominant comammox bacteria (Nitrospira) changed from 2.75%, 2.56%, and 0% to 3.57%, 1.18%, and 0.06%, respectively.