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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

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Electrical Engineering


Yue Zhao

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Roy McCann

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Zhong Chen


Junction Temperature, Power Module, Silicon Carbide, Temperature Sensitive Electrical Parameter


The junction temperature of a power module is measured non-intrusively and uninterrupted in its application by analyzing the dependency of gate resistance to temperature. The circuit configuration proposed consists of altering the gate loop path and adding a basic peak detection circuit with an added low-pass filter to accurately measure the small differences seen during a temperature change on the internal gate resistance. The testing on this Silicon Carbide power module shows that the internal gate resistance has a positive temperature coefficient. This causes the current and the voltage drop on the gate loop sensing resistance to reduce as the temperature rises. The voltage drops on the sensing resistance forms a steady downward linear slope that is used to establish an accurate estimation of the junction temperature. This implementation has future implications on a smart gate-driver board that can actively measure the junction temperature of the Silicon Carbide power module and shut off the module when approaching a critical failing temperature.