Date of Graduation


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Master of Social Work (MSW)

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School of Social Work


Kimberly Stauss

Committee Member

Luis Restrepo Fernando

Second Committee Member

John Gallagher


Latinx, Latinx students, mentoring, Professional Integration


Mentoring programs are implemented to create a space for skill and information transmission between a mentor and mentee. Mentoring programs are typically implemented in an academic setting with professors or peers acting as a mentor and students as mentees. Based on the under-representation of Latinx students in higher education and further career paths, mentoring with this population could be positively impactful to their student experience. This thesis focuses on the Latinx on the Rise mentoring program and the experience of the mentees with a focus on the Latinx student experience. Implications for implementation of such programs and their impact will be explored as well as a focus on future research needed to address gaps in mentoring research.