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Master of Social Work (MSW)

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School of Social Work


Kimberly Stauss

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LaShawnda Fields

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Sidney Burris


multi-method, online, privilege, racism, social structure, southern university, white privilege


Fueled by individual and systemic prejudices, racism continuously cycles through American society. Eliminating racism begins with education and awareness on all societal levels. Denying the existence of privilege, specifically White privilege, allows people to ignore racial inequalities and aids in the perpetuation of injustice. This study focused on educating students at a southern university about privilege, oppression, racism, and discrimination with the goal of contributing to a less racist campus. A similar program developed and implemented in a previous study by the researcher was adapted for online modules. These four online modules consisted of presentations, activities, videos, speakers, and reflective questions. Mixed methodology of pretests, posttests, and optional individual qualitative interviews were utilized to analyze the effectiveness of the program and changes in participants' perceptions of privilege. Ultimately, the completion of this program resulted in an overall significant positive change among participants, indicating an increase in understanding of privilege, motivation towards anti-racist action, and new perspectives regarding privilege, oppression, and racism.